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man holding a child on a beach co parenting
Co Parenting Vs Parallel Parenting: The Battle for Kid’s Hearts

Co parenting has become an increasingly popular option for parents who no longer live together but still share custody and responsibility for their children. But what is it? And how does it…

How to Lose Weight Successfully Without Any Setbacks [ 5 Practical Tips & Tricks]

Losing weight will take forever, it seems. It is easy to start off feeling all charged up, but as time progresses, it is often difficult for us to find any motivation to…

wife asking forgiveness from husband
Do We Really Need to Forgive?

Do we really need to forgive to move on? What if we can’t or don’t want to forgive?
Forgiveness isn’t easy but a very tricky thing. Society has taught us that forgiveness is critical to have a happy and stress-free life. But what about when it’s impossible to forgive?
There are many myths about forgiveness — including the impression that you are somehow “required” to forgive someone for moving on.

How to Raise Confident Kids (12 Tips to build self-worth in kids)

From the moment they are born, children learn new skills at a frenetic pace. Not only the skills, but they also acquire the confidence to use them. As children grow older, this confidence becomes just…

Is Autism Develop During The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy? [Shocking Study Reveal]

What are the factors that cause autism in children? This a question most scientists, researchers and parents of autistic children wants to find out. A study done in 2014 revealed that autism…

pregnancy weight
How to Lose Postpartum Weight [9 Tips for Faster Weight Loss]

You just gave birth to a beautiful baby, but you still weigh many pounds. Now you are worried and don’t know how to reduce it. You’re clueless because you’re feeding your newborn…

My Faith Islam by Mawlana Feizel Chothia For Kids [In Urdu]

The first and most crucial obligation upon a Muslim is to acquire knowledge. Why? Because correct knowledge must come before correct action. The opposite is also true: that partial or false knowledge…

Are You Depressed?

Are you depressed? Do you feel your life is ending? You feel like suffocating? Life seems meangless to you. You have no friends, no confidante you can cry your heart out with.…

Saying no
How To Say NO To Your kids!

Kids don’t like to be stopped from doing things. But as a concerned parent, you want to moralize them. But unconscious moralizing can cause long-term damage to your kids’ mental health. But if done correctly and consciously, it will make your child happy and make you a much calmer parent.

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If you are hovering above your kids more than needed? Here is our all you need to know guide to figure out if you are a helicopter parent or not!!